RunAway Blues
Street: 01.16

RunAway Blues = Wakane + Alicia Keys

There are plenty of acts who undercut themselves with poor production values, but this is not so with RunAway Blues. You can hear the bluesy guitar and smooth, soulful vocals in shimmery ultra-sound. A crosscut of their sound might reveal influences ranging from Aaliyah to Mary J. Blige all the way to Bob Marley. On one hand, I hear a lot of rhythm and blues with flowing hip-hop rhymes straight from the streets (“Key to Reality”). On the other, we may find roots-y, reggae-infused numbers with upstrokes and oceanside flair (“I Like You”). One noteworthy number is “Out of the Studio,” which has some funky guitar and warm-toned guitar fills à la Santana, with some great lyrical tongue-twisters delivered impeccably. “I Like You” ratchets up the sunny-island sound with charming vocals, bright guitars and bouncy bass to round out the rhythm. This is great stuff from a great up-and-comer. –CJ Morgan