Mother / Father
Street: 02.20
RuRu = David Gray + Radical Face + Vance Joy

Isaac Russell has been referred to as a raw talent, but there is nothing raw about this album—it is a simple perfection cooked with the exact amount of simmering, brooding and melodic scope. Mother / Father is not just tofu on a counter … it is a complete dinner. RuRu’s sound sits on the folksier side of acoustic and plays like a patient Lumineers. The pacing is slow and gradual, but never sad. It’s honest, which means it has somber points, but Russell is enough of an artist not to dwell. There is a consistent hope throughout the album that Gertrude Stein would be proud of and moments of catchiness that leave that hope in your head. “Love Don’t Leave Me” is an incredibly strong second track and really sets the pace for what’s to come. RuRu’s Mother / Father is a very complete project, and I encourage anyone with a set of feet to prop them up and enjoy. –Benjamin Tilton