Silver Antlers
All a River
Inner Islands
Street: 01.04
Silver Antlers = Mark
Banning + WYLD WYZRDZ + Sean McCann
It is really wonderful to hear some new work from Skyler Hitchcox, the guiding light behind Silver Antlers. To the uninitiated, Silver Antlers is heavily ritualized pop music that explores the endless possibilities of dreamy, shoegazy drone that seeks to communicate with something bigger than ourselves inside ourselves. Hitchcox’s heavily processed guitar does equal parts floating and shredding on this practiced, patient record. Percussion is hypnotically rhythmic and placid. The ever-ascending guitar and piano lines—layered inside each other like a Russian doll and punctuated by Hitchcox’s pitch-shifted voice—reverberate and echo back like solipsistic conversations with ourselves where we find someone else’s voice answering. Who does this belong to? When gripped with something this transcendent, it is impossible to tell. Everything is as it always has been. All a river. –Ryan Hall