Local Review: State & Stereo – The Reservoir

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State & Stereo - The ReservoirState & Stereo
The Reservoir

Gloworm Records
S & S = The Strokes + Modest Mouse + Julian Tulip’s Licorice

I just found out about this charmingly mopey band called Julian Tulip’s Licorice, and there are moments when State & Stereo remind me of the better parts of them, even though I’m confident State & Stereo consider themselves emo or pop or some such modern category. Ragged guitar, lo-fi production, cool keyboards with slippage and astounding songwriting rescue State & Stereo from over-polished indie-rock oblivion; however, they sound waaaaay too much like The Strokes in “Clearly, Dearest.”www.purevolume.com/statestereo