The Signature of All Things
Skinned Elbow Records
Street: 11.21.14
stickfigures = Botch + Converge + Cave In

Brooding, intricate and heavy as all hell—these are just a few words to describe the debut album of these Ogden-based, mathcore heavyweights. Stickfigures emulate a sound that adheres to old-school, borderline ’90s noisecore with Kyle Bertagnolli’s and Cort Long’s abrasive and discordant yet perpetually elaborate guitar work and Nick Ledbetter’s equally dynamic drumming. The songs contain instrumental tractor beams of thickly distorted riffing with looming melodies that create unsettling anticipation, which is alleviated by Long’s provocative and menacing screeching that complete the absolute aggression of this album. Overall, The Signature of All Things creates an unnerving atmosphere with its assertive sound that makes for a brutally ominous album. –Eric U. Norris