Students of Expression
The Astronomer EP
Street: 02.28
Students of Expression = Brook Pridemore + (acoustic) Saves The Day

Students of Expression is a misleading name—the project is the brainchild of one person, local artist Caleb Meurer, and from what I can surmise from The Astronomer, he is very young. He is also unafraid to take risks: He explores the limits of his vocal range in “The Astronomer” and sings about a friend’s suicide attempt in “Last Letters.” Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t: There is an endearing, imperfect quality to Meurer’s voice, but he sounds pitchy and sharp when he strays too far out of his comfort zone. The lyrics are personal, but too literal, in a Hawthorne Heights, “slash-my-wrists” kind of way, which doesn’t match the cheery guitar riffs. However, the DIY aspect of the EP is intriguing, and Meurer is clearly talented—I’m interested to see where this act goes in the future. –Ali Shimkus