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Swedish Music in Utah - Lucia CelebrationSwedish Music in Utah
Lucia Celebration

Utah Arts Council
Lucia Celebration = cute times + food, folks & fun

This CD is just sickeningly cute. It’s a bunch of Swedish young people singing trad Swedish music. It’s a recording of the Lucia Day Celebration, put on by Utah’s Swedish Heritage Society. Sweden happens to be the coolest country in the free world. Four reasons: 1) socialized healthcare, 2) free college 3) government support for musicians 4) Peps. This CD can’t help but win. The lo-fi, amateur approach is not a nuisance; it’s endearing. Lone accompaniment piano backs up medium-to-older voices offset by softer, younger vocals in three major sections: Tracks 1-7 and 13-18 are by the Lucia Choir; tracks 8-12 are the Children’s Choir and tracks 19-24 are Children’s Dance Music. Brings back memories of those ward talent show nights in the cultural hall. With the nightmarish quality erased. The rendition of “Silent Night” (“Stilla Nacht,”) is especially nice. www.utahfolkarts.org