The Beehive Compilation
Volume 1
Street: 07.17
The Beehive Compilation = Coldplay + Green Day + Jason Mraz

The collection includes some local favorites that I am familiar with, like King Niko, and surprised me with quite a few that I was not. It’s a great selection of indie and alternative styles, including pop rock, pop punk, folk, electronic, a bit of rap/hip hop and even a dash of female mojo (via The Blue Aces, Kitfox, Ashlee Woo, Summer Lasts Forever). The compilation includes 26 tracks, and has some fun variety, but there was more than a handful of pop-punk bands led by male vocals, and I think that could have been thinned out a bit in favor of some other genres. The material selected is generally of high-quality production, and so overall it fit together very nicely. It certainly is a fun way to check out some of our local musicians and their recent work. I’m looking forward to Volume 2 and beyond! –Ischa B