The Blind Guide
The Feast
Street: 01.14
The Blind Guide = late-era Tangerine Dream + Red Sparowes + Explosions In The Sky + Isis
I thought I was reviewing an ambient soundtrack before this finally picked up momentum, more than five minutes into Track 3. The first two songs consist of a spoken-word intro and a dreamy, ambient synth track. It was like the band did a split with an obscure Icelandic electronic group before slowly progressing into post-metal, complete with screamed vocals and guitars spattered with effects. But it did get going, eventually, for which the band deserves credit. The recording quality is also quite nice. My favorite was the third song, the title of which would send me long over my allocated word count. It’s definitely the most rockin’ and probably captures the essence of the band more than the rest of the album combined. I was a little taken aback by the stark contrast of style, but otherwise, it’s a pretty solid album, and if you’re a fan of very experimental post-metal, then you’ll probably dig The Feast. –Alex Coulombe