The Creature From Jekyll Island
Street: 03.07
The Creature From Jekyll Island = Mindless Self Indulgence + Abney Park + Depeche Mode
TCFJI conquer and conjure a hell of a lot of musical goodness on their debut record. It’s highly difficult to properly describe and entirely critique what this SLC steampunk/industrial rock band does. TCFJI are fantastic at creating songs that folks can not only dance to, but also rock out to. “Pepsi Christ,” “Obamanomicon” and “Demand and Supply” are aggressive, rocking tunes, tricking the mind with humorous, dark ideas. It’s all Jekyll and no Hyde here—crafty synth programming and beats mixed with a hefty amount of rocking and aggressiveness. Then, almost swoon-like vocals spice up the imagination and make the experience not only aural, but visual, too. With that imagery in mind, TCFJI are known for putting on some gnarly, visually exotic live shows. So step on up and take “the ‘Pepsi Christ’ challenge!” –Bryer Wharton