The Dog
Slow and Sweet
Street: 09.26
The Dog = Star Fucking Hipters + Goo Goo Dolls

Slow and Sweet is a mix of everything from a little grunge to some bubblegum pop and vocals that sound like a gritty Marc Bolan. This album is awkward in some places, most notably in “Damn Girl,” a pop love song, and the title number, “Slow and Sweet,” a mellow love song that, oddly enough, likens love to using heroin. Other songs, like “Fix,” provide a catchy, upbeat number, but lack excitement: The vocals are gritty, mixed with heavy guitar riffs and a solid beat that’s on point. “Switchblade” is perhaps the next most exciting number on the album, as the vocals are smooth, and the chorus is fun and clever, combined with an edgy beat. Slow and Sweet is not my favorite album, however, there is something here to like. –Nick Kuzmack