The Horns - Yellow T EPThe Horns
Yellow T EP

The Horns = Girls Against Boys + fast Melvins

At least, mine came with a section of yellow T-shirt with hand-drawn flowers on it courtesy of Dave Styer, one-half of The Horns’ double-pronged axe-destroying machine. The Horns, my favorite new local band, put the “I” back in “merciless.” Self-gratifying crunchy, massive riffs have more primal, untamed power than a herd of mammoths thundering across an Icelandic tundra circa 1,000,000 BC. “Rockstar Movement,” “U Can Take My Rikshaw” and “Wet the Pallet” are my three favorite tracks. Girls Against Boys meets Death from Above 1979 meets gnarly buzz-chuck keys. Hotter than snot.