The Moth & the Flame
Hidden Records
Street: 10.29.13
TM&TF = Beck + Snow Patrol + Radiohead
Producer Joey Waronker (drummer for Beck) has melded together this artistic vision with unconventional and wonderfully complex rhythms. This EP thumps in its catchy haunt and one can’t help but to close their eyes and listen. Brandon Robbins’ lyrics and guitar strums desire the kind of sadness that can only make you hope for more. Mark Garbett’s keyboard paints the atmosphere with an echoing melody that drummer Andrew Tolman marches you through. The album’s lead single, “Sorry,” welcomes you to this world, but “How We Woke Up” defines it. This is a solid follow-up from a band that is clever enough to be experimental in a head-nodding sort of way. I look forward to more. –Benjamin J. Tilton