The Salt, The Sea, and The Sun God
It’s All For You
Street: 08.30
The Salt, The Sea, and The Sun God = Zorch + And So I Watch You from Afar + early Bright Eyes

The minute-and-a-half instrumental intro to It’s All For You possesses all the embryonic brilliance contained in this whale of an album. It is something: tremolo-picked, overwrought guitar sounds, unhinged drumming, tight bass line. This sounds like Provo’s answer to Sargent House’s mathy pop. Unfortunately for us, TSTS&TSG don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it. When Dakota Miller’s “raw” voice fills in for the cathartic racket that the group makes as a unit of equally sweaty, yearning, achieving humans, it does not serve the truly righteous noise achieved on and contained in the album’s instrumental tracks. It certainly works in yelped addendums and place-holders, but as a vehicle, it is too steeped in histrionics not usually associated with this ace-ly executed math-rock. Especially on “Wandering Wonder,” missteps included, this is a document of beautiful potential. –Ryan Hall