The Statuettes
Great Western EP
Street: 02.07
The Statuettes = Fictionist + Minus The Bear

What a rocking album. I’ve been a fan of The Statuettes since their formation a few years back. Michael Gross has a knack for writing driven pop rock, meaning the songs are fast and the chords are major. What I like most about Gross’ work is the tendency to drift into licks you hear in Sunny Day Real Estate’s early work but succinctly so. This EP sounds big (like the West?), something you’d want to play in front of a large crowd. The strongest song on the EP is “Oh, Please,” with its skin-busting drums and clanging lead guitar—the single in the album for sure. The Statuettes are playing great tunes that are very radio- and crowd-friendly. They should be dominating the indie-pop scene regionally and locally. Pick up this EP and put on some shades, ’cause it’s bright. –Alex Cragun