The Tuxedo Tramps
Street: 01.18
The Tuxedo Tramps = The Cramps + Zombina and the Skeletones + Satan’s Teardrops
These Orem psychobilly boys and girl have found a way to walk many thin lines to stay original in a genre that seems to be highly lacking in that area. They first struck me as just another psychobilly band, but as I listened further, garage elements emerged. Then the heavier-than-normal blues influence began to show through. At one point, I would’ve said that they need to tighten things up rhythmically, but even their loose approach brings character and charm to the record. As a longtime psychobilly fan, I wanted more stand-up bass, but even that ridiculous complaint faded away in favor of appreciation for the fact that they don’t sound like every other psychobilly band. I would say that my favorite track is “Stay,” where Krystal Harman takes over lead vocal duties. That’s not to say that Carl Harman should quit as regular lead vocalist, but the fact that this band can do both struck me as a very cool thing, and I would love to hear more. – James Orme