The Vision
Love Propaganda
Street: 05.02
The Vision = Tracy Chapman + Sublime + Fleetwood Mac
The Vision present a wonderful six-song EP of funk and reggae-infused folk rock—a delicious cake of music frosted with the warm, sultry vocals of Chandra Marie. It’s not an album that sounds like any other album, per se, but twinges of this and that—a little bit of Procol Harum, a dash of Joni Mitchell, even a spot of 311 and Linkin Park—sneak the songs into that special place in your brain reserved for old favorites. Because the instrumentation and production are excellent, the lead vocals are able to shine through and truly take the spotlight, which is fabulous because Marie’s voice is so enchanting. It’s a great release, and I know from experience that the live show is unlikely to disappoint, so get yourself to a show and pick up this disc. It’s a delightfully easy listen. –Ischa B.