The Wasatch Fault
Street: 10.24.13
The Wasatch Fault = Phish + Modest Mouse – Trey Anastasio
The actual Wasatch Fault lies dormant—the effects when it finally moves are anybody’s guess. The band from Logan and Salt Lake City, Utah veers between something like a jam-band groove and indie rock angst. Vocalist Tyler Gilvarry, in his existential meanderings, resembles a much less tortured Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. It’s a slightly odd combination, but it really works. Produced by Robert LeCheminant of local folk combo L’anarchiste, the sound is much more raucous than that band’s. They claim that during their show on Oct. 18, 2013 at the Shred Shed in SLC, a 3.8 earthquake was occurring in Logan. Coincidence? At times, the sound they create is nothing less than seismic. –Stakerized!