The Wild War
Valley Rain EP
Street: 02.04
Wild War = Isaac Russell + Westward the Tide + Grey Fiction
Listening to four songs is almost enough to get to know a band, though in this case, I feel like there might be something missing. “The Architecture,” is a cool, solemn and folksy number that really draws from The Devil Whale. “Love, Don’t Say Goodnight,” made me think of Sunny Day Real Estate at their most somber. “Valley Rain” continues the slow melodic drive with wavering vibrato vocals over downtrodden guitar strums, and “Be You,” sounds like a daydream from Iron and Wine’s hammock. The Wild War are best when they’re a little more warm and upbeat, though the first and last tracks are really only the two examples, and even they aren’t super cheerful. The production is very solid and the songs are well crafted, but I feel like there could be a lot more to hear from this group, especially from the lighter, more positive side of the spectrum. –CJ Morgan