Tri-Polar Bear
The Hibernation EP
Street: 11.17.12
Tri-Polar Bear = Bloodhound Gang + Teenage Bottlerocket + Bruno Mars
The Hibernation EP starts out with a Green Day –esque riff, follows it up with a “Skate or Die” drumbeat on “Bleach My Bones,” and continues its journey via a variety of ’90s punk/ska influences throughout. A dash of Jim Croce / Jason Mraz singer-songwriter sensibility here and there, but especially on the final track “Hazel-eyed Torture,” expands the band’s potential audience, and also teases of possible future experiments with the band’s sound and genre in general. The EP’s got me looking forward to their future endeavors, so give it a listen, and see if it tickles your fancy, too. – Ischa B.