Tupelo Moan
400 West
Street: 11.22.14
Tupelo Moan = Band of Skulls + Wolfmother

I swear to Satan, this band brings out my filthiest fantasies. 400 West is a perfect follow-up for their recent album, Cocaine and Chicken Grease, with just as much lubrication and more wintery polluted air … My throat’s burning, but that’s likely attributed to my having involuntarily grunted, “UHHHH!” 48 times before “The Yellow Jack” was even over. “Want to Get High” is discordantly packed with lusty, feedback-diffused, old-school blues. Grinding guitars are mixed with flawless, twangy, layered guitar. Fiddle and banjo on “One Day I Was Sad, And Then I Realized Everything Would Be Alright, But I Was Still Kind of Sad” and “The Prophet Dave” add unexpected sweetness to break the album up. The recurrently slow pace is offset with power-chord intensity. It’s dirtyass rock n’ roll—quintessential Tupelo Moan. If I don’t get liquored up on Jack Daniels and fornicate oleaginously to this album before I die, I will not have lived at all. –LeAundra Jeffs