Tupelo Moan
Cocaine and Chicken Grease
Street: 07.12
Tupelo Moan = Rubber Factory–era The Black Keys + The Dead Weather
Fuck yeah! No, seriously, I said, “Fuck yeah,” every 20 seconds the first time through this album. I tried to find both of the items listed in the album title to get the full effect. I ended up with a bowl full of powdered sugar, for looks, and a giant trough of chicken nuggets. My life could be worse. Tupelo Moan stick their heads straight into the gutter of ultra-heavy, dark, gritty blues. Substantial guitar effects are always applied and are usually superimposed with horn sections that sound like sex (“I’m Gonna Go Now”). Simplicity in all instruments allows you to focus on the intensity without being overwhelmed. Chaos ensues in a few songs with irresistible discord and aggression—“Marie Laveaux” is an example. I’m going to get sweaty in my underwear and punch things now. –LeAundra Jeffs