Turned to Stone
The Memory I’ve Become
Street: 10.11
Turned to Stone = Opeth + Immortal
This is a beautiful EP by one of the valley’s most exciting melodic death metal acts, in the opinion of this humble critic. Turned to Stone have spent time and energy writing concise tracks and pulling in not only local engineers (Matt Winegar), but even sending it to Jens Bogren, famed engineer of Opeth and Katatonia, to ensure this debut knocks your socks off. The album is full of such gorgeous, doomy melody that rides along with the heaviness. The two-toned vocals remind me of Amon Amarth in both style and rhythm until you hit “This Failure,” in which vocalist Paul Black brings out the big guns with his emotional singing against the slower doom tradition. If this is at all your kind of sound, The Memory I’ve Become will not disappoint. –Megan Kennedy