Twilight Transmissions
Dark Star Cannibalism
Street: 01.19
Twilight Transmissions = Architect + white.light.monorail + Cervello Elettronico

Dark Star Cannibalism shows a variant drum and bass side, showing that the creativity can expand into many different genres and add to the myriad of sounds produced. Although it shows great creativity and is most certainly amazing, it is almost as if you never know which style you are going to get. It shows musical growth as each album varies slightly in music style from the last. The dark, driving sound of “Black Matter Radio” stood out to me. I found the slow, softer drone style on it pleasing, and I’m hoping to hear more of this particular style. It appears as if R2-D2 has decided to make an appearance on the track “Contraction Error”—I thought the bleep-blooping was really humorous—it just had me envisioning the small droid in front of the microphone. It’s interesting, but I prefer “Black Matter Radio.” –Mistress Nancy