Twilight Transmissions
Temple Of Abandonment
Street: 06.08
Twilight Transmissions = Christopher Alvarado + Jeff Duke + One Horse Town
Local musician Christopher Alvarado is on a creative binge lately and just keeps pumping out quality ambient pieces, this time alongside Jeff Duke. This is not as calming as what we are used to hearing from him, as it is a haunting release that has you envisioning the conflicts of an insane mind. It appears as if teaming up with Duke has inspired a darker creative flow. With track titles such as “The Catatonic Lover” and “The Tranquilizing Chair,” I felt as if my mind had wandered into an old insane asylum. The haunting, eerie sounds that I heard through it fed and stimulated my imagination. The track entitled “Dust Of The Insanity Ward,” with its sounds of cackling babies, screams and repetitive beats, truly gave me the creeps. I envisioned maniacal nurses forcing their patients to take their medicine. This could be used as soundtrack for the Silent Hill video game. Bravo! –Mistress Nancy