Walk your Road
Uniphi Records
Street: 06.08.12
Uniphi = Phish + UB40 + Jack Johnson
Walk your Road is a straight-up feel-good jam-a-licious love-fest. The music is country-reggae, the vocals are executed with an island twist, and the lyrics are a non-stop celebration of life, full of self-exploration, appreciation and love. Cheesy much? Only in the best way. Uniphi is a great fit for the upbeat CJB-esque mainland reggae crew that has evolved here in Utah. Soul-searching song titles include “Brother Sister,” “Where I Am” and “People of the Sun.” The latter is my favorite song on the album, with twinkling piano throughout, giving it a totally uplifting vibe. Great little instrumental quirks abound, so if you are into this very friendly genre, this album will definitely brighten your day. Enjoy!