Various Artists
Knowing Jesus
The Rock Music
Street: 11.22.14

The Rock Music =
Night Riots + Shania Twain + Angels & Airwaves

Although I am not the target demographic for an album whose music is syrupy-sweet Christian pop rock, I am a professional! So … why not? In clinical terms, the album’s production is amazing. Everything sounds crystal clear, and the levels are set to allow for a dynamic listening experience. The guitars are distorted and loud, the rhythm section is tight, and the vocals are extremely on-key. Yet, one man’s gold is another man’s garbage. I could see why this would appeal to a certain group of people. The chord progressions, although put together in such a way to gain optimal sweep on the emotional factor, are a bit generic and predictable, causing their music to lack many of the elements of rock that I enjoy (danger, edge, unpredictability). I refuse to discuss the lyrics. They are somebody’s beliefs, and who am I to judge? An album for some, just not me. –R.G.B. Robb