Various Artists
Sounds of Sodium
Pariah Music Club
Street: 05.31
Sounds of Sodium = Combat boots + Converse + lots of denim jackets
I have to admit, my local punk rock experiences have been tainted. Unfortunately, my friends and I went to many bad, local pop punk shows in the ‘90s and missed out on the good stuff. Thankfully, Sounds of Sodium, a local punk/rock/hardcore compilation, made it my way. I got a swift kick in the behind from current bands like Sapporo, Atomic 45, All Systems Fail and Discoid A—a nice blend of anger, booze, anarchy and “fuck you”–ridden tunes to let me know what’s going on in Salt Lake now. I often get stuck in my metal boundaries, but I have always listened to punk rock and still do. I’m truly glad this set of 22 songs (oh, and a hidden track) made it my way. You can find the CD at all of the cool places, so if you have to ask, you might have a problem, poseur. –Bryer Wharton