Youth Choir
Demo 2013
Street: 03.24
Youth Choir = Sick of It All + Weekend Nachos + Youth of Today
Finally, a demo that doesn’t sound like it was recorded on your eighth grade boom box. With the advances in sound engineering, there is no excuse for a demo to sound awful, so kudos to these guys for sounding great. But sound quality only gets you so far, and is by no means a necessity. The real story is that Youth Choir is making tight, succinct, raging hardcore that retains no shortage of ’80s hardcore and attitude. Check “Sometimes Fat Guys Don’t Wear White,” which admonishes the hefty in the pit and then promptly brings the best mosh part of the demo, following the line, “You made it suck!” There are certainly things Youth Choir care about, but your feelings are not one of them. Hopefully, Youth Choir breaks out of the Beehive State and demolishes house shows nationwide. – Peter Fryer