Ugly Picture Perfect
Chance Lewis

Street: 01.25

YZE = Slug + Sage Francis + Aesop Rock

After posting on his Bandcamp ac- count and apologizing for taking time to “try and get [his] life back on track,” YZE has released Ugly Picture Perfect—his first album in five years. UPP is the sound you would expect from YZE, a calm album, while still remaining dark and deep. YZE covers the subjects of depression, finding oneself and trying to keep oneself together emotionally, all while making it sound like he is singing directly to you. Songs like “Bad Sleep,” “LOUD,” “Everybody Knows Your Name” and “Amy Day” talk about battling depression, anxiety, staying positive and a rebirth which seems to tell about YZE’s time away from recording and performing. The album finishes with a song entitled “Satellite,” which sounds both lyrically and instrumentally like the counterpart to Atmosphere’s “Sunshine.” For any glum rap nerd, this album is worth the buy. –Connor Brady