American Hitmen
Soundtrack of Violence
Street: 02.14
American Hitmen = Buckcherry + Candlebox 
Listening to American Hitmen is like jumping into a Hot Tub Time Machine. Instead of going all the way back to the ’80s, this time travel adventure sends you back to the early ’90s when rock bands still had all the flash and machismo of spandex-rocking ’80s metal bands, but were also starting to embrace a little bit of a dark, moody, creative side. The compositions here are tight and creative. You can tell everyone in this band has a strong mastery of his/her instrument. With bodacious vocal performances from singer Tim Cord, I really feel like these guys should petition Chad Kroeger from Nickleback and demand an opening slot on their tour, because everyone needs to experience the extreme awesomeness that these dudes exude.