American Hollow Screaming Into The Void Self-Released Street: 02.29 American Hollow = Explosions in the Sky + Pink Floyd + Mastodon American Hollow offers an eerie blend of progressive rock and raspy, Eddie Vedder-esque vocals on their self-released EP. The background synths are darkly encompassing and help to fill their sound. These guys are undoubtedly talented guitarists. However, their sporadic changes in guitar chords and overall rhythm—sometimes metal and other times rock—left me confused as to what sound they really want to own. Then again, the heavy metal closing section on “Say, Is It Really True?” is especially charging. “Bonfire of Myth: Prologue” is literally a ghostly sermon backed by the sound of creeping guitar chords—something that might play in your head if you were lost, wandering in the desert, void of any influence and open to the reality of mankind’s errors. American Hollow has a message to share and is spreading their word at