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Apache, The Apache, The
Street: 10.31
Apache, The = Titus Andronicus + Meat Puppets + Two Gallants
Apache, The, is not Drew Danburry. Seriously. Stop calling them that. Although Danburry may be on vocals here and his characteristically verbose songwriting is all over this introductory eight song EP, this is a hairy beast of a record that is hardly the positivist, restrained acoustic music Danburry is known for playing. To wit: The buzzsaw, Greg Ginn-influenced non-solo solo on album opener “Ed Templeton or Rodney Mullen (1993),” lap-steel virtuoso shredding, hand clap syncopation and rubbernecking dual guitar-monies make a case for Apache, The being taken completely on its own merits. Although they have roots in a Utah County institution, Apache, The strike off into territory unencumbered by musical past, picking up on the rage and snottiness of early SST bands, the country-fried stoned psychedelia of The Meat Puppets, the populist punk-folk leanings of bands like Stiff Little Fingers and the sweaty communalism of ‘00s acoustic-punk stalwarts.