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Self-Titled EP
Mizpah Productions
Street: 03.05
Avintage = Incubus + Chevelle + Eve 6
Harkening back to the alternative-pop that was popular a decade ago, Avintage have put a new spin on the anthem rock genre that met its doom when post-grunge came into fashion. Formed late last year by two college roommates, the duo picked up bandmates from around the state and quickly hit the studio with everything they had. Unfortunately, Avintage showcases the fatal flaw some bands have when they start up, and that is failing to get it right before they record it. The guitars are precise and nearly flawless, but Avintage itself sounds rushed and strained, like they were meeting an unnecessary deadline just to release something. Avintage is a decent debut that shows promise, but the album and the group themselves could have used a fine polish before putting it to tape. I’d rather hear what they sound like after a year of gigs.