Blackhole Self-Titled Self-Released Street: 05.04 Blackhole = The Jesus Lizard + Earth – Spirit Caravan This 40-minute live set is a slow burner—one long track of stripped-down, deep grooves from a psychedelic ensemble. Bombarding you with seemingly endless buildup toward a minimal climax, you have to pass that first crest before they start hitting their stride. Somewhere between a slow, experimental western soundtrack and teenage jam band practice, this live recording’s meandering, bottomed-out bass might drive away those unwilling to spend eight minutes waiting for a song to get going. In fact this live recording was never slated for an official release, just passed out to fans who attended a Burt’s Tiki Lounge show earlier this year. Since then, the band has broken up, solidiying this recording as audible time capsule of what one was.