Local Reviews: Blue Sunshine Soul

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Blue Sunshine Soul
In All of the World at Once
Street: 02.10
Blue Sunshine Soul = Rodriguez + The Rolling Stones
Diversity within the local scene isn’t always celebrated and is usually even harder to come across within the environs of a six-piece entity like Blue Sunshine Soul. Perhaps the fact that the majority of the members of this collective are professional musicians helps to keep egos in check and let the individual voices present come to the fore. With three, now four songwriters––and as many voices singing––what might be stale formulaic genre music evolves into an album that goes deep into your catalogue. Thanks to The Devil Whale, Calico and Band of Annuals for lending this group five members to make headway into a different style of music within the local scene. Lap steel, organ, just enough jangly guitar and the feminine influence of Jeremi Hansen’s amazing vocals (a great addition to any group) let us know that these locals can add more kick with their steel strings than just “alt-country” twang alone.