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Black Ground, Blindfolded Patron, Drugs, Everyone Loves the Sun, Map One, No Vertigo, So Tiny Is We, Stream, Sweetest Liar, They Used to Be
Street: 02.28
Kitefishing Family
Cavedoll = multi-genre incest Lead by multi-instrumentalist Camden Chamberlain, Cavedoll carelessly litter genres new wave, post punk, IDM, industrial, 70s glam, ethereal, darkwave, indie, trip-hop and avant-garde pop throughout their music without claiming allegiance to anything beyond their own musings. They’re a writer’s nightmare in their refusal to sit still long enough to be described; a detail further emphasized when the band decides to unleash its complete collection of unreleased material all at once. Comprised of 159 songs dispersed over 10 albums, it’s nearly impossible to get your head around it and formulate any perspective. In the weeks spent listening to the songs, both as albums and as individual tracks, I’ve been impressed by the consistent quality of the material. Regardless of genre, Chamberlain and friends prove they’re up to the challenge. The problem is that none of the musical tangents truly shine. You’re teased into expecting a payoff that only arrives once you reach the cover songs. While it is refreshing to find someone able to re-arrange a few classics without mangling them, I can’t imagine that’s what Cavedoll want to be remembered for. I believe the best is still to come, but it will come.