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Daniel Day Trio
Street: 02.20
Daniel Day Trio = The greatest jazz/cover band around
Listening to Champions is almost as good as seeing DDT live, and that’s saying a lot (Dave Bowen slays on the upright bass). Drummer Day has been around for a while (Iceburn, Cosm), and local guitar guru Gentry Densley even contributes to four tracks on this album. With the exception of two original tracks, Champions is a cross section of brilliant lounge covers. From Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” to Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova,” DDT give just enough of the original song to make you bob your head and hum along, while adding their own original zest. They even cover Jay-Z’s “Can I Get a…” without sounding like boners. Seriously, they can do no wrong. The DDT original “Warm” gives a taste of Day’s drumming skills, doing a lot with a little. So throw Champions into your boom box, kick off your shoes and enjoy the next 50 minutes of your life.