Dark Seas
Woaah Maaan, I’m BURNT…
Street: 11.18.11
Dark Seas = Best Coast + Gardens + The Heads
Dark Seas are great live performers, with their genuine charisma and drunken stage antics. The music itself is nothing extraordinary, consisting mainly of minimal, easygoing guitar strumming through a haze of feedback and reverb, with Rhett Hansen pounding out energetic mid-tempo drum beats. This demo hearkens to that live experience, and Kyle Wilcox almost overpowers the mellow surf-psych playing of his bandmates with his brash, booming vocal style. The beat picks up noticeably on  “Searching For Nothin,” but the majority of the demo plods steadily along at a lazy, smiling pace. This demo might not be complex or particularly challenging, but its honest simplicity is a rare find for any genre.