Deny Your Faith
Taste of Infection
Street: 10.26.10
Deny Your Faith = Megadeth + Alice In Chains + Pantera
Unfortunately, the first track from Deny Your Faith’s Taste the Infection, “Pierce the Vein,” happens to be the worst cut of the release. The rest of Taste of Infection is populated by thrashy riffing, some punchy breakdowns and more than enough guitar soloing. Add some great jam-rocking moments and it’s all a damn fine release. It’s a bit hard to pigeonhole Deny Your Faith into any stylistic realm. “Behind the Mask” finds the band channeling mid-career Megadeth, but a few minutes in, a face-melting, not so Dave Mustaine-styled solo comes flying at you. The band’s ability to change pace changes the way the songs strike you, transforming from fist-pumping metallic anthems to chill and groovy moments. Initially, the vocal style feels a bit out of place for Deny Your Faith’s metallic style, but then again, Mr. Mustaine’s vocals have never really fit Megadeth, so the initial shakiness of the vocals make the band definitively unique. Thrash, groove and jam it up with this offering from Deny Your Faith—it’s worth the cost of admission.