Dirtbags Don’t Die
Self Released
Street: 02.27
Dirtbags Don’t Die = Marky Ramone & the Intruders + Mouthwash + Left Alone
Dirtbags Don’t Die reminds me of those Hellcat Records compilations, Give ‘Em the Boot, which were full of all sorts of punk, hardcore, ska and a ton of other genres. Dirtbags Don’t Die can blast out top-notch punk rock, like on “Suckerpunch,” and the next thing you know, they’re seamlessly slipping into a laid-back ska tune like “I Remember.” This Park City trio is as versatile as they are talented, with each member taking their turn at lead vocal duties. Lots of punk bands can get by doing the three-chord shuffle for an entire record. Few can keep each track fresh and surprise us with what comes next track by track, while keeping things cohesive enough that it all seems to work together as one record. Pick up Dirtbags Don’t Die at Raunch and hear exactly what I’m talking about.