Doomed to Extinction
Recorded at Raunch Records
Street: 02.20
Doomed to Extinction = Cry Now, Cry Later compilation + Carcinogen + Noothgrush x Meth
This is a batch of three recording sessions slapped onto one CD-R from a salty trio of grindcrushers, all captured (as the title suggests) in Raunch’s back room. Doomed to Extinction cops their name from a killer Disrupt cut, and the nominal homage lends a solid, sonic reference point for the liminal space they occupy, like crud under a toenail, ’tween grind, crust and sludge. Highlights include a Rudimentary Peni cover (saw this ’un live––bitchin’), “Dope Sick Mom” (groovin’ on a burned out scene, not unlike something swimming in the collapsed veins of Eyehategod), “Paisano” (bass tone? You animals want bass tone?) and “Doomed to Extinction” (jammy and threatening, like “Damaged” soaked in a gallon of bile). Write to P.O. Box 521174, SLC, UT 85152 (maybe send a frog skin or two) for your own copy.