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Drew Danburry

This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club

Emergency Umbrella Records

Street 11.04.2008

Drew Danburry = Early Ben Kweller + The Format

I’m no musician––I have no musical talent in any bone of my body––but I still have to wonder how any one can sit down, create an album like this and call themselves artists. Hold on, let me take a step back and sugarcoat it a little. Danburry’s attempt at making a quirky and “unique” album deserves at least a pat on the back. Way to be the leader of “Kickass Kindergarten Folk Pop Sing Along Music!” Doesn’t he know that toddlers have the attention span of fish? And after multiple attempts of trying to listen to this album I have found that my attention span has dropped to that of a sea monkey. The album lacks consistency, rhythm and personal style, but at least the sticker that came with the album was cool enough to put on a school notebook.