Local Reviews: Dulcesky

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Unfamiliar E.P.
Nueve Music/EW Recs
Street: 4.22
Dulcesky = The Cure + The Jesus and Mary Chain + Ride
If I were ever given the chance to make love to a local record, this would probably be it. And I don’t mean “get sloppy with a lady while a record is spinning;” I literally mean I would fuck this record. Dulcesky has never really gotten their just desserts here on this little island we call home, and it’s a downright shame. Starting off with an amazing cover of Ride’s “Unfamiliar,” this 4-song EP showcases a band who’s locked into a groove and is benefiting from it immensely. For all you kids who are salivating at the fact that My Bloody Valentine is supposedly releasing new material, track this offering down first. And for those of you who have never heard Dulcesky, you now have a chance to redeem yourselves.