Dusk Raps
Throw Away The Key
Street: 06.29
Dusk Raps = MindState + The Numbs + Burnell Washburn
Throw Away The Key is the new full-length solo release from local hip hop mainstay Dusk One. Having been a member of MindState and collaborated on several shorter releases with Fisch Loops, amongst other projects, Dusk has been defining the scene—it was only a matter of time before he branched out of state and made his presence felt nationally. Most of the beats are produced by California native Pen Pointz, but several producers and other emcees throw their backwards hats into the mix, including Ogden legend Linus Stubbs, Fisch Loops, Finale Grand and rapper Ubiquitous. The result is a record full of dusty samples and tight drums where the unifying sound is Dusk’s unique, gravelly flow. A little more soulful than other releases, Dusk is clearly coming into his own, unafraid to sing as well as rap while in total control of the sound. This record is a must for fans of the local scene and kids who want to get on board before this guy hits it big. This release is available for listen and purchase at duskone.bandcamp.com, check it out!