Einstein In A Patent Office 

Supernova Sounds

Mareld Records

Street: 03.11

Einstein In A Patent Office = The Album Leaf + Apparat + Pelpp and Avanvranken

“Supernova sounds” is right! This album is a fantastic voyage through time and space, ambient but driven, with a totally modern production, but somehow still takes me back to my favorite classical songs. Instrumental and moody, it can soundtrack whatever you’re doing, or (if you’re a freak like me) can distract you entirely from what you were doing because you can’t help but wonder … about the music, about life … It’s a truly fabulous album. It’s a five-song opus, lasting only a short but sweet 13 minutes, and worth every second. A jab of Eastern influence here (“Em’s Dirge”), a bit of Mozart there (“Nightmare Music”)—it is right up my alley, and you should prolly take a stroll down this way. Love this local!