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Exer Ovu
Circular Blood Stains on My Family Crest
Street: 02.01.09
Exer Ovu = Tantric + Ryan Cabrera
Circular Blood Stains on My Family Crest has to have been recorded outside of Kilby Court by the campfire. If that’s not the case, then it was most likely recorded in my dad’s bathroom while he was in there doing his business. Exer Ovu are delivering the goods just like my dad in the bathroom. This release is five songs of one dude smacking on acoustic and electric guitars while yelping it up all Linda Perry-from-4 Non Blondes-style. Maybe if Exer Ovu sends her this EP, she’ll be kind enough to contribute some guest vocals on a few tracks for them. I think she could at least help these guys develop their sound.