Exer Ovu

Fell On a Faultline, Rose In A Church


Street: 03.08

Exer Ovu = Violent Femmes + Reggie and the Full Effect

Sometimes it’s easier to say what genre elements a band doesn’t have, but after listening to Fell On A Faultline, Rose In A Church for the umpteenth time, I’m rigidly confident that Exer Ovu is definitely not your garden-variety act.  For starters, the band is a product of a single dude who double tracks his voice on top of a (at most) two-instrument arrangement—which is predominantly acoustic guitar—that’s comparable to a modest freak-folk band. Along with his rapid strumming, his lackadaisically throaty vocals sound like GirlsChristopher Owens (“Virtue”) mixed with the peaking shrills of Mindless Self Indulgence’s Jimmy Urine (“Tiger”).  It’s almost entirely subjective, as if the 15 tracks on Fell On A Faultline, Rose In A Church are aesthetically solid, but you can definitely tell Exer Ovu had a shitload of fun making them.