Fever Dreams
As Above, So Below
Street: 09.17.12
Fever Dreams = Full of Hell + Dead in the Dirt + Gaza
Even though they’re from St. George, I’m pretty sure that anytime Fever Dreams play a show in their hometown, we’d be able to hear ‘em all the way up in Salt Lake. This is dirty, mean, evil shit. Fever Dreams’ style of crusty, blackened hardcore wouldn’t be out of place on the A389 or Southern Lord Records rosters, as they aptly channel both chaotic energy (“Shallow Skin,” “Cultmonger”) and deep, dark, dirgey despair (“Below,” “Last Leg”).  If you like Nails, Weekend Nachos, Young and in the Way, or any other bands that make you want to set fire to humanity as a whole, then you need to adopt As Above, So Below as your own personal soundtrack.