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Fews & Two
To Get Me Through
Street: 09.07
Fews & Two = The Slackers + Dub is a Weapon + Afro Omega
Fews & Two are a young band, but this 8-song EP is a light of hope for all fans of Jamaican-influenced music in our fine state. Fews & Two’s steady, heavy rhythms, smooth, jazzy horns and sexy female vocals bring to mind visions of smoky bars, full of people swaying, stomping and sweating the night away. This is some seriously groovy music, from the entrancing “Lady’s Dub” to the slow and melancholy “Rhyme and Reason.” You want faster songs you say? Well, look no further than “Salon Shootout”, an instrumental scorcher of a ska tune, and “Ten Man Raft,” complete with gang vocals and an infectious rhythm. If you enjoy ass shaking and good times by way of dub and ska, you won’t be disappointed by Fews & Two.